About the MAST Course Prerequisite and Schedule Template

Purpose of Template:

In order to help students and advisors plan their courses, this chart provides the following information for each regularly scheduled course: The clickable map provides direct access each electronic course outline and calendar description.

How to read the template:

This should be quite obvious from the LEGEND supplied on the template. If you are confused, then here are more examples and detailed instructions.

Note: Not all prerequisites are shown for CMPT and PHYS courses. Hard copies of the chart are available in the department.

Downloading and Printing:

The first two of the following give best results. I recommend a 600dpi laser printer (Black and white is ok, but much better in colour!). An early version of this chart as produced using daVinci software (with graph editor) which must be downloaded and compiled. Here is the daVinci (.status) file of that early version. Currently, the template is maintained as a slightly structured postscript file, so you can play with it if you like programming in "reverse polish notation"!


I invite all interested parties to submit comments and suggestions on the template. Please submit such comments to goddyn@math.sfu.ca

Modified: 2000.03.20 by goddyn@sfu.ca (Luis Goddyn)