Celebrity Deaths Sorted By Age

This is the kind of project one feels a little bit guilty about starting. "What a strange mixture of the morbid and the trivia-obsessed!" is what you may be remarking to yourself.

The motivation is extremely simple. With each birthday that passes you by, is there perhaps some small part of you that wonders which famous people you've outlived so far? When you hear news about the untimely death of some fast-living entertainer, do you notice if you're just a few years younger or older than them?

The organization is extremely simple too. Just click on one of the links below, and you will find yourself faced with a list of ages that fall in the appropriate range. After each of those ages, there's a list of some famous dead people who died at that age.

I follow the custom, which as far as I know is the norm among English-speaking people, that a person's age is the greatest whole number of years that they have lived, or in other words, their age on their most recent birthday. For example, rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard (November 15, 1968 -- November 13, 2004) would be listed under 35, and singer and ex-Burt Reynolds paramour Dinah Shore (February 29, 1916 -- February 24, 1994) would be listed under 77. (I'm not sure what day she would have celebrated her 78th birthday; probably March 1st.)

There are several websites that I have to acknowledge my indebtedness to; partly because of suggesting specific individuals to include on these pages, but also just because of being, in spirit, the impetus for this website.

The Dead People Server
The rotten.com biography page
The Celebrity Dead Pool at stiffs.com

There's some creepy stuff on some of those sites, and again, I feel it necessary to stress that I have qualms of doubt about creating this page in the first place, but hey: we all die. Maybe paying all this attention to the trivia and numbers surrounding death is simply one of the many possible coping mechanisms: by cataloguing, we create the illusion of control.

At any rate -- enjoy! Happy browsing!

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One Hundred or Over

If you want to correct a typo, or a factual error, or a broken link, or if you have a celebrity to suggest, just email me.

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