Mathematics is a natural language for quantifying and codifying thoughts and ideas.  Just as pictures or words can be used to describe objects and actions, so too can mathematical models be used as a basis for abstract understanding and analysis.  This course will explore the concepts of mathematical models for a variety of physical, biological, social and economic phenomena by utilizing the the numerical and algorithmic nature of computers.


MWF: 1:30-2:20 Lecture in AQ3159
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TA office hours: M: 10:00-11:00, W: 2:30-3:30, Th: 10:30-11:30.



  • In general, no make up tests will be given. Exceptions will only be made if a University certified written excuse is provided.
  • No late homework or computing assignments will be accepted under any circumstances barring an absence approved by the instructor.
  • On-line communication: Important announcements, due-dates, course-hand-outs, and discussion forums will be available at the appropriate WebCT location and my teaching pages.
  • Course questions: The best place for questions is on WEBCT. In all likelihood other students will share your questions.
  • Email: Please include MACM202 in the subject line of any class related email.
  • Email response time: I attempt to reply to email in a timely fashion, but the average response time is 48 hours. Neither I nor the TA will reply to email sent the day before exams.

Important dates

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