Most of my in-class teaching has focussed on mathematical modeling in one form or another. I have also organized three industrial math modeling summer schools for both undergraduate and graduate students. I typically like to have students do projects and group work to round out their academic skills.

Classes taught (past, present and near future)

All course materials now only on webct

Fall: MATH 232
MACM 204

Summer: MATH 251
MACM 203

Fall: APMA 901
Spring: MACM 202.

Summer: MACM 409
Spring MACM 202

Spring: MATH 461
Spring: MACM 202

Spring: APMA 901.

Before arriving at SFU I taught both ODEs and asymptotics at the senior graduate/undergraduate level at Universiteit Leiden.

Industrial Mathematics

Summer 2008: MITACS Industrial Math Summer School
Summer 2007: MITACS Industrial Math Summer School
Summer 2006: PIMS Graduate Industrial Mathematical Modeling Camp