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The Riemann Hypothesis - A Resource for the Afficionado and Virtuoso Alike

"This book is intended as a reference work on the Riemann Hypothesis (RH). ...will undoubtedly be extremely useful for anyone making a serious study of the zeta-function, and especially those with an interest in the historical development of the subject. The choice of the material is good, and the discussion is helpful......anyone working in the area will benefit from a study of them. Overall this is a book which belongs on the shelves of anyone interested in the RH." (Roger Heath-Brown, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1132 (10), 2008) [Full Review]

"This delightfully written book on the Riemann Hypothesis is a welcome addition to the literature.....its structure makes it an ideal choice as a textbook for a reading course on the Riemann zeta function and its applications, especially in classes with students of diverse mathematical backgrounds and abilities.....I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.....It is a great service to have them collected in one place, and this will increase the number of mathematicians who read them." (Steven Joel Miller, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2009 k) [Full Review]

"The Riemann Hypothesis is viewed by many as the Holy Grail of mathematics. Of the seven Millennium Prize problems, it is the only one which also appeared on Hilbert’s list of 23 problems a century earlier. Hilbert is in fact supposed to have said that if he were to awaken after having slept for a thousand years, his first question would be:"Has the Riemann Hypothesis been proven?".....My quibbling aside, this is an excellent book, and I highly recommend it. It could be used for a graduate course or a seminar, alone or as a complement to one of the texts mentioned earlier. I hope that more books of this sort will appear in the future." (Jeff Hopper, CMS Notes Book Review, Vol. 40 No.8, December, 2008) [Full Review]

"The Riemann Hypothesis presents itself as fundamentally a collection of well-known papers related to the Riemann Hypothesis, with a long introduction to set the stage.....This may be a useful resource for small libraries......and for those who might like to have copies of the papers in their personal library." ( Fernando Q. Gouvêa, MathDL, January, 2008) [Full Review]

"Borwein (Simon Fraser Univ.) and others have compiled mostly classic papers contributing to the theory of the distribution of prime numbers.....Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through researchers/faculty." (D. V. Feldman, CHOICE, Vol. 45 (11), August, 2008) [Full Review]