Dr. Keith Promislow

On leave July 03-July 04
Associate Professor
Michigan State University
Department of Mathematics
East Lansing, MI 48824
(517) 432-7135 (Office)
(517) 432-1562 (Fax)


PEM Fuel Cells

The Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computation (MMSC) group is a part of the MITACS NCE. We have an on-going project with Ballard Power Systems with whom we are modeling multi-dimensional heat and mass transfer with phase change in fuel cell electrodes. For some nice animated demos of the fuel cells, and infomation on available Postdoctoral positions, check out the (MMSC) web page.

We are hosting a fuel cell workshop
Computational Fuel Cell Dynamics II, April 19-24, 2003 at the Banff International Research Station

Nonlinear Optics

I study PDE, dynamical systems, and industrial mathematics, with applications to nonlinear optics and waves. The techniques I employ arise from dynamical systems, renormalization group, semigroup, and invariant manifold theories. My interests include the dynamics and bifurcations of traveling waves and other long-lived structures.
Dispersive curve shortening in 2D fronts in the optical parameteric oscillator.
A long-lived, localized, oscillatory breather in a collection of Bose-Einstein condensates.

With Diane Finegood and Brian Topp, I work on the dynamics of Beta cell populations and the relation to type 2 Diabetes.

I am a member of The Center for Systems Science .

Web Pages for my Courses

Math 361, Continuum Mechanics