Karen Yeats

I'm now at the University of Waterloo; please see my website there.

I work in combinatorics and quantum field theory. I'm often thinking about the connection between Feynman graphs and multiple zeta values, as well as the recursive structure of quantum field theory and what we can learn from it. Sometimes this leads afield, recently to algebraic geometry and to differential equations. I also play with more purely combinatorial ideas like log concavity and recursive families of trees. I'm interested in anything fun.

Papers. Students. The most recent learning seminar.
A Lego horseshoe crab and a scan of Ganassi's Fontegara.
Spring 2016: MATH 190 and MACM 201, both with course websites on canvas. Previous semesters.
Some out of date information on putting Debian on an HP/Compaq tc1100 tablet pc. On a lighter note, some frozen bubble levels.