Math 447/747, Coding Theory, Fall 2012

Math 447 is an introduction to coding theory. It is also cross-listed as the graduate course math 747. Lectures are 9:30-10:20 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The Monday and Friday lectures are in WMC 3220. Wednesday is in AQ 5016.



  1. Assignment 1 due September 14 in class. Solutions.
  2. Assignment 2 due September 21 in class. Solutions.
  3. Assignment 3 due September 28 in class. Solutions.
  4. Assignment 4 due October 5 in class. Solutions.
  5. Assignment 5 due October 26 in class. Solutions.
  6. Assignment 6 due November 2 in class. Solutions.
  7. Assignment 7 due November 16 in class. For question 10, the problem tells you that the BCH code is t-error correcting, not that the extended code is t-error correcting (you have to prove that!). Solutions.
  8. Assignment 8 due November 30 in class. Question 30 has an error. The product in the middle expression should exclude j=k, and then on the right hand side σ should be σ'. Solutions.



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An introduction to error correcting codes with applications by Vanstone and van Oorschot.