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Marni Mishna

About Me

I am a professor in mathematics at Simon Fraser University. I am a member of the SFU Discrete Math Group, and lead a small group in applied analytic combinatorics. My main research interests lie in analytic and enumerative combinatorics. I strive to find algorithmic, and systematic solutions to problems that arise in combinatorics. I am interested in the development of methods to compute the asymptotics of coefficients of combinatorial generating functions. I am also interested in the role of art and design in mathematical communication.


Past Events

Mini Biography

1998 BMath Waterloo (CO-OP; Honours joint Pure Math and Computer Science)
2000 MSc Simon Fraser University (Pure Math)
2003 PhD Universite du Quebec a Montreal (Math fondamentales)
2003 - 2005 NSERC Post Doctoral Fellowship: Bordeaux (LaBRI) / Fields Institute Toronto
2005 - 2012 SFU Assistant Professor (NSERC University Faculty Award)
January 2008 CNRS Poste Rouge Orsay (France)
2012 - 2018 SFU Associate Professor
2018 - present SFU Professor
Fall 2018 CNRS Invited Professor Tours (France)