Marni Mishna

SFU courses

Fall 2016MATH 498 Communication in Mathematics
Fall 2016MATH 821Combinatorics
Spring 2016MATH 232Linear Algebra
Spring 2016MATH 242Analysis
Fall 2015MATH 498 Communication in Mathematics
Spring 2015MATH 821Combinatorics
Spring 2015MATH 232Linear Algebra
Fall 2014 MATH 322Complex Analysis
Spring 2014MATH 443/743Combinatorial Theory
Fall 2013MATH 322Complex Analysis
Spring 2011MATH 343Applied discrete math
Fall 2010 MATH 821CombinatoricsStudent Projects
Spring 2010MATH341Group Theory
Spring 2010MACM 201Intro to Discrete Math II
Fall 2009MATH 895-4Enumerative combinatorics
Summer 2009MATH 800Special topics in Analytic Combinatorics
Fall 2007 MACM 201Intro to Discrete Math II
Spring 2007 MATH 424 Applications of Complex Analysis
Fall 2005 MATH 322 Complex Analysis
All course materials for current courses are available on Canvas