Tenth Annual Pacific Northwest
Numerical Analysis Seminar

How to get there

The conference location is the

Vancouver Museum, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver.

This is at Kits Point, near the Burrard Street Bridge. Once you are "sufficiently close", you will find signs directing you to the Vancouver Museum/Planetarium (same building).

If you head into town from the south via I5, the Blaine Peace Arch border crossing and Highway 99, follow the signs to Downtown Vancouver. Cross the Oak Street Bridge, and stay on Oak Street heading north. Turn left on either 16th Avenue, 12th Avenue or Broadway ("9-th Avenue"), heading west 8 city blocks until you get to Burrard street. Turn right onto Burrard, heading north; turn left at 4th Avenue (traffic lights), 3rd or 2nd Avenue if you miss the 4-th Avenue left turn. Drive for one block west, turn right on Cypress Street, head north on Cypress. Watch for the Vancouver Museum signs, for example, at the intersection of Cypress and Cornwall (traffic lights). Local convergence should set in.

If you come to Vancouver on the TransCanada Highway 1, take the Grandview exit, and head west on 12th Avenue, until you get to Burrard Street. From there, follow the instructions above.

Should you find yourself in downtown Vanouver, get onto Burrard Street, and head south over the Burrard Street Bridge. After crossing the bridge keep right, and take the first right turn, which is Chestnut Street. Head north to the parking lot of the Vancouver Museum.

You can also get there by boat. False Creek Ferries stops at the Vancouver Maritime Museum which is only about 200m (220 yards) away from the Vancouver Museum/Planetarium. False Creek Ferries also stops at English Bay, the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, and Granville Island.

To find out more about Vancouver's public transit system visit the BC Transit Web Site.

Here are some pictures of the building and surroundings. These will hopefully entice you to come to the meeting, and help you get oriented.

Now available: Street maps!

If you end up here, you must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, providing conclusive proof that time travel is possible!

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