The Mathematics of Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

This page is still under construction. There are a few corrections and additions still to be made to the solutions, and other web references will also be added.

1. Paper.

"Mathematics of Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling", SIAM Review, 53(2):349-372, 2011.   [ PDF | DOI ]

2. Matlab Code.

a) Standard Gaussian plume solution from Section 3, which requires the following subroutines:

b) Plots of the Gaussian plume solution:
Concentration profiles from Fig. 3.1 are generated using the code gpplot.m, which also makes use of gplume.m and setparams.m from above.

c) Ermak's solution with deposition and settling, from Section 3.6:

d) Solve the inverse source estimation problem:
The solution to the example from Section 4.1 is computed using inverse1.m.

3. Supplementary material.

a) Solutions to exercises:
b) Wind data file:

4. On-line information sources.

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