APMA 930 Project

Everyone who is registered in this course is expected to complete a project. The project will consist of a written report and a poster presentation of your results. Your mark will make up 40% of your course grade and will be weighted approximately 2/3 for the written submissions (see below) and 1/3 for the poster presentation. Projects should be done individually. Your project should have a significant computational component (I hope that's no surprise) although the focus could vary from:

I will give you a list of suggestions for project topics in class, but you are welcome to pick one of your own. Please come see me -- as early as possible -- if you are looking for ideas or references!


     Thu Feb 10: Identify your topic, and submit a one-paragraph description plus references.
     Thu Mar 3:   Submit a rough outline along with any preliminary results.
     Thu Apr 7: Final written report due.
     Start of April: Poster presentation.

Last modified: Tue Jan 4 2011