APMA 990 Course Projects:
Immersed Boundary Method and Applications

Collected below are sample results from the projects completed as part of the Spring 2013 section of the graduate course APMA990: Immersed Boundary Method and Applications. Some of the pictures are "clickable" and link to a related movie. Most of these results were obtained using Brittany Froese and Jeff Wiens' open-source code MatIB.

Argyrios Petras
Deformation of a red blood cell in a shear flow
Bamdad Hosseini
Simulating skeletal pumping by the immersed boundary method
Clinton Innes
Investigation into sperm motility in the presence of boundaries
Colin Exley
Synchronization of immersed swimming sheets
Lee Safranek
Simulating the formation of biofilms using the immersed boundary method
Nathan Sharp
Modelling two-dimensional parachutes
Reem Bolis
Sperm motility
Reynaldo Arteaga
Vocal fold dynamics using the penalty immersed boundary method
Will Ko
A study of the cochlea with parametric forcing using the immersed boundary method
Xin Yang
Model of the cochlea using the immersed boundary method
Zachery Zhu
Biofilm dynamics simulation in porous media by immersed boundary method
Last modified: Thu Aug 22 2013