2018-2019 Operations Research Seminar

Welcome to the Web page of the SFU Operations Research Seminar Series. We are associated with:
CORDS (Centre for Operations Research and Decision Sciences), and
The Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University.
Our aim is to meet and discuss Operations Research topics.

Unless noted the talks will be at 3:30 on Thursday in Room 3040, SFU Surrey.
Please contact Tamon Stephen if you would like to speak.

Date Speaker Title and Abstract
PIMS - SFU Seminar

Dec. 6th

*SUR 5380*

Asia Ivic Weiss

York University
Regular Polyhedra, Polytopes and Beyond

In this talk we summarize the classification of regular polyhedra and polytopes and extend the concept to that of hypertope: a thin, residually connected incidence geometry. We present the characterization of the automorphism groups of regular hypertopes and overview recent results on classification of toroidal hypertopes.
Oct. 6th

*Saturday, 8:30-4:00*


Hosted by UBC Okanagan

Details of the Fall 2018 West Coast Optimization Meeting available from the hosts.
PIMS - SFU Seminar

Oct. 4th
Jong-Shi Pang

Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Southern California
Non-problems in Optimization for Statistics

The phrase "non-problems" in the title refers to a collection of adjectives that start with the prefix "non". These include "non-convex", "non-differentiable", "non-traditional", "non-trivial", and "non-stochastic gradient" (as a counter to a topical research theme), all in the context of optimization for statistics. Outside a stand-alone optimization problem, the phrase could include "non-cooperative" game theory as this is an area where there are significant research opportunities when combined with the other "non-subjects". I will present a variety of these non-problems and give a brief summary of my research on them.

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