Math 402W, Spring 2014

This is the homepage for Math 402W, at Simon Fraser University, Spring 2014.

Instructor: Tamon Stephen
Office: 2886 Podium 2

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Congratulations to Math 402W students who competed in the 2014 CORS Undergraduate Student Paper Competion in Ottawa.

Finalists: Kingsley Cheang, Feiqi He, Sarah Lin and Ashlie Neufelt
The Community Mailbox Location-Routing Problem

Honourable Mention: Nicole Mo, Alborz Namazi, Joyce Tai and Eric Yuen
Optimal Locations of Telecommunication Equipment: A Case Study for the City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

First Prize: Kishley Bhalla, Craig Mathews, Brett Robinson and Katie Sclater
Selecting Optimal Tolling Levels: A Case Study for the Fraser River in the Greater Vancouver Area

Math 402W students following the prize ceremony in Ottawa

Picutred: Math 402W students at the 2014 CORS annual meeting in Ottawa.

Left to right: Eric Yuen, Nicole Mo, Ashlie Neufelt, Craig Mathews, Katie Sclater, Brett Robinson.

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