Brian S. Thomson

Professor Emeritus

Simon Fraser University

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Sept 2007: Our Real Analysis textbooks now available for free download. 

Jan 2008:  Over 10,000 downloads of our textbooks TBB & BBT to date.

April 2008: TBB & BBT are now available as trade paperbacks.

April 2010: The Calculus Integral is now available for free download and as a trade paperback.

April 2012: Mathematical Discovery is now available as a trade paperback.

December 2012: Theory of the Integral draft version is now available for download. A final version and trade paperback will appear in 2013.

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    Phone: 360-483-8476
    Mailing address: 4200 Boblett Road, Blaine, WA 98230

    My research interests are in real analysis; this Wikipedia article explains what that term means generally. Former students are always welcome to write to me to let me know how much (or little) they enjoyed my courses over the years and to keep me posted on their careers.

    My Erd�s number is 2 along with the 6984 other people who share this “distinction.” My Albert Einstein number would be 4, my Stephen Hawking number is 5, and my David Hilbert number is 6 (i.e., just about as large as possible). [If you don't know what an Erd�s number is then consult here.] 

         If you came to this website (as many do) primarily to access the free real analysis textbooks then skip over the academic and personal stuff and go directly to the REAL ANALYSIS TEXTBOOKS tab. 

    You can also search the full contents of the textbooks on Goodle Book Search:

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