Spring 2011 seminar on integrable models in physics and combinatorics

This semester Marni is organizing a learning seminar on integrable models and related combinatorics.

We meet Wednesdays from 1 to 2:30 in K9509.


February 2
Marni Mishna, An overview of relevant combinatorial models.
February 9
Nicolas Marie, Spin chains.
February 16
Spring Break, no seminar
February 23
Note, this week we are in the PIMS seminar room
Sophie Burrill, Plane partitions.
March 2
March 9
No seminar because Marni is in France
March 16
Marni Mishna, linking plane partitions and spin chains.
March 23
Note, we are in the PIMS seminar room
Nicolas Marie, More on plane partitions as a spin model
March 30
Karen Yeats, What is known towards a bijection between TSSCPP and ASM. Handout.
April 6
Nicolas Marie. Notes.


  1. Luigi Cantini and Andrea Sportiello, Proof of the Razumov-Stroganov conjecture
  2. Nicolas' notes on Spin chains, part 1.
  3. N. M. Bogoliubov, "Four vertex model" Journal of Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 151, No. 2, 2008
  4. N. M. Bogoliubov, Four vertex model and random tilings.
  5. Nicolas' notes on the preceeding
  6. Nicolas' notes on the 6-vertex model.

Previous seminars

Older seminars on more motivic topics from when I was at Boston University. There are many broken links, but I consider these archived and so they will not be changed.