Uri Ascher,
Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia
Symplectic and multisymplectic schemes for the KdV and Boussinesq equations

Razvan Fetecau,
Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University
A Hamiltonian regularization of the Burgers equation

Randy LeVeque,
Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Washington
Logically Rectangular Grids and Finite Volume Methods for PDEs in Circular and Spherical Domains (wiith Donna Calhoun and Christiane Helzel)

Malgorzata Peszynska,
Department of Mathematics, Oregon State University
Adaptive multiscale methods for flow and transport in porous media

Satish Reddy,
QuIC Financial Technologies Inc.
Pricing and Risk Analysis of Financial Instruments

Jared Tanner,
Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
The surprising structure of Gaussian point clouds and its implications for signal processing (with David L. Donoho)