CFD Research Group Meetings

This is a schedule of upcoming (and past) meetings of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Group in applied mathematics at SFU.
PoW = "Paper of the Week" ]

Wednesdays at 1:00 in P9318

Summer 2017

Jun 28: TBD.
Jun 14: John: parametric resonance in a model of cochlear dynamics.
May 31: John: industrial mathematics.
  PoW: T. Kolda and V. Torczon, "Top ten ways to lose an audience", SIAM News 44(3), April 2011.
May 17: Bamdad: well-posed Bayesian inverse problems beyond Gaussian priors.
  PoW: N. Higham, "In search of the perfect numerical analysis textbook", SIAM News 50(4), May 2017.
May 10: All: research update.

Spring 2017

Apr 3: PhD Movie 2 (trailer)
Mar 20: John: how to prepare a budget.
Mar 6: Bamdad: Bayesian inverse problems with infinitely-divisible priors.
Feb 20: Juan: parameter estimation using Gaussian process regression.
Feb 6: John: CVs and job applications.
Jan 23: All: research update.
Jan 9: John: Lax equivalence theorem.
Jan 2: PoW: U. Rüde et al., "Research and education in computational science and engineering", Report on a SIAM Workshop, September 2016.

Fall 2016

Dec 19: PoW: S.G. Krantz, "A Primer of Mathematical Writing" (second ed.), 2016.
Dec 5: PoW: P.D. Lax and R.D. Richtmyer, "Survey of the stability of linear finite difference equations", Commun. Pure. Appl. Math. 9:267-293, 1956.
Nov 28: John: project management and grant applications.
PoW: K.M. Moroney et al., "Asymptotic analysis of the dominant mechanisms in the coffee extraction process", SIAM J. Appl. Math. 76(6):2196-2217, 2016.
Nov 14: All: PhD Movie #1.
Oct 31: Alamgir: modelling glacier advance and retreat using the level set method.
  Bamdad: visit to ICES at UT Austin.
Oct 17: All: what is "big data"?
Oct 3: PoW: I. Laba, "A brief guide to a full professor's administrative work", The Accidental Mathematician blog post, 15 Jan 2012.
Sep 26: John: performing a literature search.
Sep 12: All: progress report and planning for summer semester.
PoW: R.J. LeVeque, "Top ten reasons to not share your code (and why you should anyway)", SIAM News 46(3):7-8, April 2013.

Fall 2015 to Summer 2016

On sabbatical leave, but still posting the occasional PoW:

Jun 5: PoW: N. Rott, "Note on the history of the Reynolds number", Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech., 22:1-12, 1990.
  PoW: D. Jackson and B. Launder, "Osborne Reynolds and the publication of his papers on turbulent flow", Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech., 39:19-35, 1997.
May 24: John: writing and publishing an academic paper.
  PoW: O. Mesnard and L. Barba, "Reproducible and replicable CFD: it's harder than you think", arXiv:1605.04339v2 [physics.comp-ph], 2016.
See also the related blog post by Alecia Carter and an article on reproducibility in Nature.
May 10: All: progress update.
Feb 2: PoW: G.K. Batchelor. "Research as a life style", Appl. Mech. Rev. 50(8):R11-R20, 1997.
Oct 25: PoW: D. Barley et al. "The rise of fully turbulent flow", Nature 526:550-553, 2015.

Summer 2015

Jul 27: Movie: Good Will Hunting.
Jul 13: All: progress update.
Jun 15: TBA.
May 25: John: Mathematical Genealogy Project.
  PoW: A.S. Reimer and A.F. Cheviakov. "A Matlab-based finite-difference solver for the Poisson problem with mixed Dirichlet-Neumann boundary conditions", Comput. Phys. Commun. 184(3):783-798, 2013.
May 4: All: summer semester plans.

Spring 2015

Apr 17: Bamdad: practice for thesis proposal (note the special date and time, 11:30am).
Apr 13: Will: practice for thesis defence.
Apr 6: PoW: F. Dyson. "Birds and frogs", Notices AMS 56(2):212-223, 2009.
Mar 30: All: model for skate skiing.
  PoW: A. Goodman and others. "Ten simple rules for the care and feeding of scientific data", PLoS Comput. Biol. 10(4):e1003542, 2014.
Mar 26: All: sushi and beer night.
Mar 23: John: model for skate skiing.
Mar 9: John: Keller's theory of competitive running (reprise).
Feb 26: Melvin Tyree (Northwest A&F University, Shaanxi, China): Cavitation and embolism: Modeling the tempo of embolus formation following cavitation events.
Professor Tyree's bio can be found here.
  PoW: S. Yang and M.T. Tyree, "A theoretical model of hydraulic conductivity recovery from embolism with comparison to experimental data on Acer saccharum", Plant Cell Env. 15(6):633-643, 1992.
Feb 25: Special event - Sap flow modelling workshop (SFU Harbour Centre, all day). Special guest: Melvin Tyree.
Feb 16: John: Keller's theory of competitive running.
  PoW: Science Lives: Alexandre Chorin, Simons Foundation, 20 April 2012 (interview by Jamie Sethian).
Feb 2: Maryam: aerodynamic shape optimization of airfoils based on control theory.
  PoW: M. Knauff and J. Nejasmic, "An efficiency comparison of document preparation systems used in academic research and development", PLoS ONE 9(12):e115069, 2014.
Then read this blog entry by Daniel Lemire.
Jan 29: Movie night: "The Imitation Game" at Metrotown.
Jan 19: All: spring semester plans.
Jan 12: PoW: J. Oxley, "Writing a teaching statement", Notices AMS 62(1):59-61, 2015.

Fall 2014

Dec 8: PoW: T. Hopper, "Should I get a PhD? An interview series".
Dec 1: All: progress update.
  PoW: S. Vogel, "Exposing life's limits with dimensionless numbers", Phys. Today 51:22-29, 1998.
Nov 17: All: CV discussion.
Nov 3: John: preparing an academic CV.
Oct 20: John: computational science vs. scientific computation.
Oct 15: Isabell: sap exudation in maple trees.
Oct 13: No meeting: Thanksgiving holiday.
  PoW: S. Schnell, R. Grima and P.K. Maini, "Multiscale modeling in biology", Amer. Sci. 95:134-142, 2007.
Oct 6: John: what's in a title?
Sep 29: All: discussion of Ascher and Roosta-Khorasani paper.
  Bamdad: Fields Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop.
Sep 8: All: progress update and plans for fall.
  John: applying for scholarships and grants.
  PoW: U. Ascher and F. Roosta-Khorasani, "Algorithms that satisfy a stopping criterion, probably", arXiv:1408.5946 [cs.NA], 2014.

Summer 2014

Aug 20:  PoW: E. Lauga, M.P. Brenner and H.A. Stone, "Microfluidics: The no-slip boundary condition", Ch. 19 in "Handbook of Experimental Fluid Dynamics", eds. C. Tropea et al. (Springer), 2007.
Jul 30:  All: progress update.
PoW: J.T. Oden, "Predictive computational science", IACM Expressions 35, 2014.
Jul 23:  Jeff: practice for thesis defense.
Jul 9:  Peter Johnston (Griffith University): Modelling blood flow in human coronary arteries.
Barbara Johnston (Griffith University): Determining cardiac conductivities from potential measurements made in living tissue.
Jun 18:  Will: An immersed boundary model of the cochlea with parametric forcing.
John: Challenges and Opportunities in "Mathematics For Industry".
May 21:  John: mathematical modelling.
PoW: J. Gunawardena, "Models in biology: `accurate descriptions of our pathetic thinking'", BMC Biology 12:29, 2014.
May 7:  All: progress update and summer plans.
  Jeremy: machine learning.
PoW: R.J. Vanderbei, G. Scharf and D. Marlow, "A regression approach to fairer grading", SIAM Review 56(2):337-352, 2014.

Spring 2014

Apr 9: Bamdad: inverse problems for estimating atmospheric pollutant emissions.
John: a cool summer project.
Mar 26: Will: spherical harmonics.
Mar 5: Mohammad Rahnama (Kerman University): deformation of a spherical capsule in shear flow using combined immersed boundary lattice Boltzmann finite element method.
Jeremy: 3-minute thesis talk.
PoW: H.K. Moffatt, "Helicity and singular structures in fluid dynamics", PNAS 111(10):3663-3670, 2014. See also the profile of Keith Moffatt in the same issue.
Feb 19: Jeremy: honeybee thermoregulation.
PoW: T. Tao, "Finite time blowup for an averaged three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equation", arXiv:1402.0290 [math.AP], 2014.
Jan 15: All: progress update, plan for spring semester.
PoWs: W. Bangerth and T. Heister, "What makes computational open source software libraries successful?", Comput. Sci. Disc. 6:015010, 2013.
            D. Lemire, "When delegating . . . consider quality, maintenance and learning" (blog entry), Dec. 20, 2013.

Fall 2013

Dec 2: David Neusius (Kaiserslautern, Germany): granular flow.
PoW: Y. Davit et al., "Homogenization via formal multiscale asymptotics and volume averaging: How do the two techniques compare?", Adv. Water Res. 62:178-206, 2013.
Nov 25: No meeting.
Nov 18: Bamdad: inverse problems, part 3.
Nov 4: John: counting triangles.
Oct 28: John: academic conferences.
Oct 21: Bamdad: inverse problems, part 2.
PoW: T. Wei, R. Mark and S. Hutchison, "The fluid dynamics of competitive swimming", Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. 46:547-565, 2014.
Oct 14: PoW: A.S.-H. Chen and S.W. Morris, "On the origin and evolution of icicle ripples", New J. Phys. 15:103012, 2013.
Oct 7: Bamdad: inverse problems, part 1.
PoW: G. Luo and T.Y. Hou, "Potentially singular solutions of the 3D incompressible Euler equations", arXiv:1310.0497v1 [physics.flu-dyn], 2013.
Sep 30: PoW: B.J. McCartin, "Seven deadly sins of numerical computation", Amer. Math. Monthly 105(10):929-941, 1998.
Sep 23: Bebart: variational image processing.
Sep 16: All: paper reviewing session.
PoW: J.P.A. Ioannidis, "Why most published research findings are false", PLoS Medicine 2(8):e124, 2005.
Sep 9: All: progress update.
John: peer review process.

Summer 2013

Aug 12: Bamdad: MSc defense practice.
Jul 29: Graham and John: RC circuit (and other) models for sap flow in trees.
PoW: A.J. Smith, "The task of the referee", Computer 23(4):65-71, 1990.
Jul 22: John: social media in math research.
Jul 15: All: progress update.
PoW: V. Magar, G. Tomonobu and T.J. Pedley, "Nutrient uptake by a self-propelled steady squirmer", Quart. J. Mech. Appl. Math. 56(1):65-91, 2003.
See also the limerick competition results based on this paper (page down to the "Steady Squirmer Poet" entry).
Jul 8: Jeremy: thermoregulation in honeybee clusters.
  Graham: models for sap flow in trees.
Jun 24: Bamdad: moment conditions for interpolation of delta-function source terms.
Jun 10: John: academic journal publishing.
Jun 3: Isabell: periodic homogenization of PDEs.
PoW: H.K. Moffatt, "G.K. Batchelor" (biography), Biogr. Memoirs Fell. Roy. Soc. 48:25-41, 2002.
May 27: All: tips on giving a scientific talk, dimensional analysis.
PoW: H.A. Stone, "Interfaces: in fluid mechanics and across disciplines", J. Fluid Mech. 645:1-25, 2010.
May 20: PoW: R.I. Saye and J.A. Sethian, "Multiscale modeling of membrane rearrangement, drainage, and rupture in evolving foams", Science 340:720-724, 2013.
May 13: All: how to give a scientific talk, and discussion of Priem's paper.
PoW: W. Bangerth, lectures on "Finite element methods in scientific computing."    [ videos ]
May 6: John: Stefan problems (part 2).
Apr 29: All: planning for summer semester.
PoW: R.J. LeVeque, "Top ten reasons to not share your code (and why you should anyway)", SIAM News 46(3):7-8, April 2013.

Spring 2013

Apr 8: Bebart: random matrices.
Apr 1: PoW: J. Priem, "Scholarship: Beyond the paper", Nature 495:437-440, 2013.
Mar 25: John: Stefan problems (part 1).
Mar 11: TBA.
PoW: R. Hamming, "You and your research", Bell Communications Research Colloquium Seminar, 7 March 1986.
Mar 4: Sudeshna: practice run of PhD thesis defence.
PoW: S. Chellappa, F. Franchetti and M. Püschel, "How to write fast numerical code: a small introduction", LNCS 5235:196-259, 2008.
Feb 25: Haowen: practice run of MSc thesis defence.
Jeff: practice for USask talk.
Feb 18: John: delta functions in the immersed boundary method.
PoW: G. K. Karch et al. "Dye-based flow visualization", Comput. Sci. Eng. 14(6):80-86, 2012.
Feb 4: Haowen: latest results on simulating jellyfish.
PoW: K.R. Rajagopal, "A new development and interpretation of the Navier-Stokes fluid which reveals why the 'Stokes assumption' is inapt", Int. J. Nonlin. Mech. 50:141-151, 2013.
Jan 28: All: tips on how to give a good research presentation.
Jan 21: All: Matt Might's "How to peer review" and Ristroph et al.'s PNAS paper on "Sculpting of an erodible body by flowing water".
PoW: "The Mathematical Sciences in 2025", US National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Washington, DC, 2013.
Jan 14: All: progress update.

Fall 2012

Dec 24: PoW: Y. Liu and Y. Mori, "Properties of discrete delta functions and local convergence of the immersed boundary method", SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 50(6):2986-3015, 2012.
Dec 10: PoW: C. Moler, "1976 Matrix Singular Value Decomposition Film."    [ video ]
Nov 26: All: bibliography and paper management (Mendeley and Papers).
PoW: L. Ristroph et al., "Sculpting of an erodible body by flowing water", PNAS, in press.
Nov 19: All: progress update.
Nov 5: All: version control systems (git, subversion, etc.)
Oct 29: All: "Best practices for scientific computing".
Oct 22: All: purchase of new lab computing equipment.
PoW: E. Tadmor, "A review of numerical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations", Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 49(4):507-554, 2012.
Oct 15: Maurizio: modelling sap exudation in maple trees.
Oct 1: PhD Movie.
PoW: D.A. Aruliah et al., "Best practices for scientific computing," arXiv:1210.0530 [cs.MS], Oct. 2012.
Sep 24: Dave Muraki: waves travelling faster than the characteristic speed (in ASB 10901).
PoW: J.B. Keller, "Ponytail motion", SIAM J. Appl. Math. 70(7):2667-2672, 2010.
Keller won an IgNobel Prize last week for this work! In fact, Keller is a double IgNobel winner, having been retroactively awarded a 1999 IgNobel for his work in fluid mechanics related to design of teapot spouts.
Sep 17: All: progress update (in ASB 10901).

Summer 2012

Aug  6: PoW: U.S. National Research Council, "Assessing the reliability of complex models: Mathematical and statistical foundations of verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification", 2012.
Jul 30: Bebart: report #2 on industrial problem-solving workshop (Calgary).
Bamdad: adjoint problem for PDEs.
PoW: R. Hilfer, "Macroscopic capillarity and hysteresis for flow in porous media", Phys. Rev. E 7:016307, 2006.
Jul 23: Bamdad: report on industrial problem-solving workshop (Calgary).
Jul 16: All: progress update.
Jun 11: All: scientific ethics, based on a paper by Benos et al.
May 28: All: discussion of the articles "Choosing your referees" and "Manage your career".
May 7: John: parametric resonance in immersed elastic boundaries.

Spring 2012

Apr 16: planning for summer semester.
Apr 2: Katrina Williams (UBC Okanagan): models for spore dispersal.
Sudeshna: IB simulations of gravitational settling.
Mar 12: All: FFT discussion based on . . .
Feb 27: Jeff: IPAM traffic workshop.
Maurizio: RISM school on Multiphase and Multiphysics Problems.
Feb 20: Group report: plotting/graphics software discussion.
Jan 23: John: scientific graphics.
Jan 16: planning for spring semester.

Fall 2011

Nov 28: Reanne: practice for MSc defense on Dec 1.
Bamdad: dissipative particle dynamics and simulating polymer solutions.
Nov 21: John: the life of an academic. [slides]
Will: large-scale ocean flows.
Nov 14: Sudeshna: porous immersed boundaries.
Nov 7: John: literature searches. [slides]
Bamdad: shape optimization.
Oct 17: John: porous media flow in soils.
Oct 3: Bebart: modelling of sap flow in trees.
Sep 26: Brian: preparing an academic CV.
Reanne: solving Riemann problems in traffic/crowd flow.
Sep 19: Maurizio: models for freezing/thawing of sap and dissolution of gas in a maple tree.
Jeff: designing a professional (academic) web page. [link]
Sep 12: Introductions.

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