Computational Fluid Dynamics Research Group

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with a number of talented students and postdoctoral fellows over the years. Here is a recent picture of the CFD group:

(l-r) John, Bamdad, Ray, Jeff, Jeremy, Bebart, Will, Isabell, Maryam.

We hold regular group meetings to discuss our research and related topics. Some more information about what we are doing scientifically is below: . . . and in their spare time (exploring Vancouver's beautiful north shore mountains) . . .

Past students & post-doctoral fellows:

Bamdad (PhD) Bebart (PhD) Maryam (MSc) Jeremy (MSc) Will Ko (PhD) Isabell (Postdoc)
Jeff (PhD) Sudeshna (PhD) Haowen (MSc) Maurizio (Postdoc) Reanne (MSc)
Eric (BSc) Michael (Postdoc) Samir (BEng) Huijing (BSc) Amit (BSc/MSc)
Badri (MSc) Evgeniy (BSc) Wentao (BSc) Enkeleida (MSc)

Some older pictures:


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