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This file contains links to a variety of other sites that I like. I have checked all of the sites at some point, but situations change quickly and some of the links may have disappeared or changed (hopefully for the better). Please let me know if there is a problem with a site I have listed here. I shall try to keep up-to-date as much as possible.

Mathematics Sites

The primary site, as far as I am concerned, for mathematics information of all kinds is the American Mathematical Society website. Of particular value is the access to the information from the Mathematical Reviews.

As a discrete mathematician, I would be remiss in not having a discrete mathematics site to recommend. The site run by Drexel University is what I recommend. It has many useful links itself.

Poker Sites

Undoubtedly, most of the people reading this file are much more interested in poker sites than mathematics sites. Here are a collection of poker sites together with some comments.

The difficulty in Texas hold'em poker is to make good decisions based on imperfect information. You can see your own cards and the cards that are on the board, but you cannot see the opponenhts' cards and you don't know which cards will come on the board later in the deal. This is where the mathematics enters. A website that deals nicely with this is http://www.learn-texas-holdem. com. This site also contains a variety of useful information about poker venues and online sites.

There is a nice article on the basic mathematics for poker odds aimed at beginners at Cardschat.com. To reach it click here.

As a writer for Canadian Poker Player, how can I not include its website? The website is now under construction for the new birth of the magazine. I'll check regularly to let readers know when it is back to its former glory. It does contain information on the Canadian Poker Tour To reach it click here.

A very nice site with general news about a widfe variety of casino games is casinoguide.com. The site is updated regularly and features well-written articles. To reach it click here.

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