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Poker Computations

This section contains files of a variety of poker computations. Since it is easy to make arithmetic mistakes in these kinds of computations, I would be pleased if other people would take a look at them and verify the correctness of them. If you find any errors, please let me know so I can make corrections.

Feel free to use these computations for whatever purpose is appropriate. All I ask is that you properly acknowledge where you found the computations for those which are new.

The guide file is there to let you know what the computational files contain, and to provide information on the notation being employed. The guide is constantly under revision. If there are items which you believe should be covered in the guide, please send me an e-mail message with your comment(s) so I can revise the guide accordingly.

  1. The Guide
  2. 3-Card Poker Hands
  3. 4-Card Poker Hands
  4. 5-Card Poker Hands
  5. 6-Card Poker Hands
  6. 7-Card Poker Hands
  7. 7-Card Poker Hands with Joker
  8. 7-Card Stud Low Hands
  9. Sousem Hands
  10. Mambo Poker
  11. Low Board Probability
  12. Chances of Making Omaha Low Hands
  13. Flushing Boards: I
  14. Flushing Boards: II
  15. Flushing Boards and Random Hands
  16. Computations for Losing Flushes
  17. Overcards in Hold'Em
  18. Straight Completion
  19. 7-Card Stud Flush Completion
  20. Suit and Rank Distributions for Boards
  21. Bad Beat Jackpots: Omaha
  22. Hold'Em Bad-Beat Jackpot Computations
  23. Multiple Pocket Pairs
  24. Rank Sets and Straights
  25. Pai Gow Poker Computations
  26. Flop Sums
  27. Enumerating Starting Poker Hands
  28. Probabilities for Successive Memorable Hands
  29. Online Bad-Beat Jackpot Computations
  30. Distribution of Aces Among Dealt Hands
  31. Probabilities for Flopping Pairs

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