Useful references for my students

Useful references for my students and anyone else.

Topics References (with free links where possible even for published papers)
Connes-Kreimer Hopf algebra
Renormalization Hopf algebras
Renormalization in this language
Notes from some Hopf algebra lectures
Notes from Erik Panzer's lectures (1, 2, 3, 4 with extra notes) in Saskatoon
Notes from MATH 821 (see lectures 9 through 14)
Multiple zeta values
Transcendentality conjectures
Multiple polylogarithms
Hoffman Algebraic aspects of MZVs
Panzer notes from a KOSMOS summer university
Bowman and Bradley, Multiple polylogarithms: a brief survey
Denominator reduction
Parametric Feynman integration using polylogarithms
Brown On the periods of some Feynman integrals
Feynman integrals in
momentum space
position space
parametric space
and how to move between them
Combinatorial Dyson-Scwhwinger equations
Combinatorial specifications
Foissy's results
My thesis
Flajolet and Sedgewick Analytic Combinatorics
Foissy General Dyson-Schwinger equations and systems
Foissy Faà di Bruno subalgebras of the Hopf algebra of planar trees from comb. DSEs
Physics setup and language
Fields, Lagrangians, path integral
Zee QFT in a nutshell
Cvitanovic Field Theory
Important QFTs and their Feynman rules
Graph theory highlights
Robertson Seymour theorem
edge, vertex, internally connectivity
What is your favorite graph theory reference?
Linear algebra highlights
Graph Laplacian, exploded Laplacian
Matrix tree theorem
Schur complementation
Plücker and Dodgson identities
Start with Wikipedia and go from there
By exploded Laplacian I mean the matrix M you'd find in my or Francis' work.
Hot news!
When I wrote this list: gravitational waves
The previous semester: quasi polynomiality of graph isomorphism
You should keep up on what is exciting!
LIGO detection of gravitational waves
Community overview of Babai's result