group photo (Aug 2016)

PhD students

  1. Iain Crump
  2. Nicolas Marie, On Laplace–Borel Resummation of Dyson–Schwinger Equations, completed fall 2014.
Summer and fall 2013 and fall 2014 PhD student Markus Hihn visited from Dirk Kreimer's group in Berlin. Markus defended his thesis in Spring 2016, The Generalized Chord Diagram Expansion.

Masters students

  1. Mohamed Laradij
  2. Ben Moore
  3. Brad Jones, On tree hook length formulae, Feynman rules and B-series, completed fall 2014.
  4. Yue Zhao, Combinatorial Hopf algebras on generating trees and certain generating graphs, completed summer 2014.
  5. Iain Crump, Forbidden minors for 3-connected graphs with no non-splitting 5-configurations, completed summer 2012.

Research undergrads

  1. Matthew Lynn, summer 2016
  2. Wes Chorney, summer 2016
  3. Max Neyra-Nesterenko, summer 2016
  4. Gregory Maxedon, summer 2015, poster.
  5. Brad Jones, summer 2012
  6. Yue Zhao (co-supservised with Jason Bell), summer 2011
  7. Aleks Vlasev, summer 2010
  8. Konrad Duch, summer 2010
group photo (Nov 2013)

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