Fall 2011 seminar on multiple zeta values

Nicolas and I are running a learning seminar on multiple zeta values this semester.

See below for rooms and times.


Friday September 23, 10:30-12 in IRMACS 10940
Nicolas Marie
Friday September 30, 10:30-12 in the PIMS seminar room
Nicolas Marie
Friday October 7, 10:30-12 in the PIMS seminar room
Karen Yeats, The Blümlein, Broadhurst, Vermaseren MZV data mine.
Friday October 14, 10:30-12 in the PIMS seminar room
Sam Johnson
Monday October 24, 2:30-3:30 in IRMACS 10908
Nicolas Marie
Monday October 31, 2:30-3:30 in IRMACS 10908
Karen Yeats, The Goncharov coproduct
Monday November 7, 2:30-3:30 in IRMACS 10908
Karen Yeats, applications of the Goncharov coproduct
Monday November 14, 2:30-3:30 in IRMACS 10908
Iain Crump
Friday November 25, 10:30-12
Nils Bruin


Motives Periods and Algebraic geometry

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Iterated Integrals, Algebraic Structure
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Number Theory
  1. T. Rivoal, La fonction Zeta de Riemann prend une infinite de valeurs irrationnelles aux entiers impairs
  2. R. Rivoal, Irrationalite d'au moins un des neuf nombres zeta(5),zeta(7),...,zeta(21)

Previous seminars

Older seminars on more motivic topics from when I was at Boston University. There are many broken links, but I consider these archived and so they will not be changed.