Math 800, Commutative Algebra, Fall 2013

This course is a first graduate course in commutative algebra. We will discuss modules, affine algebras, localization, transcendence degree, chain conditions, Krull dimension, and applications to other parts of mathematics as time permits. We will cover a substantial portion of the text with the notable exception that we will not discuss Galois theory (which is covered by math 740).

This course is meant to fulfill the role of math 817 in providing a graduate level abstract algebra course, while also covering different and useful material for those who have taken 817 in its previous noncommutative incarnation. In particular it is meant to be accessible to new graduate students who have done undergrad abstract algebra as well as appropriate for students who have taken 817

Lectures are Wednesday and Friday 2:30-4:20. The room will be AQ5007 until the K9509 renovations are complete, after which we will be in K9509.



  1. Assignment 1, due Friday September 27 in class. Solutions.
  2. Assignment 2, due Friday October 18 in class. Solutions.
  3. Assignment 3, due Friday November 8 in class. Solutions.
  4. Assignment 4, due Friday November 29 in class. Solutions.

Class Notes

If you find mistakes, larger or small, please download the tex, fix them and then email me the tex and pdf back. Mahdieh has put a comment at the end of her tex file indicating the version; let's use that to keep track of revisions.
  1. September 6 (tex). Scribe: Mahdieh
  2. September 11 (tex). Scribe: Brad
  3. September 13 (tex). Scribe: Nav
  4. September 18 (tex). Scribe: Yue
  5. September 20 (tex). Scribe: Gleb
  6. September 25 (tex). Scribe: Brett
  7. September 27 (tex). Scribe: Stefan
  8. October 2: no class
  9. October 4 (tex). Scribe Mahdieh
  10. October 9 (tex). Scribe Brad
  11. October 11 (tex). Scribe Nav
  12. October 16 (tex). Scribe Steve
  13. October 18 (tex). Scribe Gleb
  14. October 23 (tex). Scribe Stefan
  15. October 25 (tex). Scribe Yue
  16. October 30 (tex). Scribe Brett
  17. November 1 (tex). Scribe Nav
  18. November 6 (tex). Scribe Mahdieh
  19. November 8 (tex). Scribe Gleb
  20. November 13 (tex). Scribe Brett
  21. November 15 (tex). Scribe Stefan
  22. November 20. Lecture cancelled
  23. November 22 (tex). Scribe Brad
  24. November 27. presentations: Brad, Brett, and Stefan.
  25. November 29. presentations: Nav, Mahdieh, and Gleb.




Karen Yeats
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Office Hours:
2:30-4:20 WF, AQ5007 until K9509 is ready, K9509 once it is ready.
"Graduate Algebra: Commutative View" by Louis Rowen, Graduate Studies in Mathematics, 73, 2006. ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0570-1