Fall 2012 seminar on complex analysis and combinatorics

Nicolas and Sam are running a learning seminar on many complex variables with applications to asymptotic combinatorics. This learning seminar can be taken as a reading course; please contact me if you are interested.

We will be in K9509, 11:30-1:30 Mondays. See below for the schedule. Dates are subject to change, especially later in the semester.


Sept 17
Wei Chen, Cauchy integral formula in higher dimensions. Summary: Sam Johnson
Sept 24
Sophie Burrill, Domains of Holomorphy. Summary: Himadri Ganguli
Oct 1
Himadri Ganguli, Topology of H(U). Summary: Brad Jones
Oct 8
Thanksgiving, no seminar
Oct 15
Sam Johnson, From C to Cn: counterexamples (particularly Riemann mapping theorem). Summary: Himadri Ganguli
Oct 22
Brad Jones, Some combinatorial examples part 1. Summary: Sam Johnson
Oct 29
Wei Chen, Weierstrass theorems. Summary: Brad Jones
Nov 5
Sam Johnson, Implicit and inverse mapping theorems (with a comparison to multivariate Lagrange inversion). Summary: Himadri Ganguli
Nov 12
Remembrance day, no seminar
Nov 19
Karen Yeats, Analytic Nullstellensatz part 1. Summary: Sam Johnson
Nov 26
Karen Yeats, Analytic Nullstellensatz part 2. Summary: Brad Jones
Dec 3
Himadri Ganguli, Multiple zeta functions. Summary: Sam Johnson
Dec 10
Brad Jones, Stokes theorem and MB formula


  1. Several Complex Variables with Connections to Algebraic Geometry and Lie Groups by Joseph Taylor, Graduate Studies in Mathematics 2002; Volume: 46. A lecture notes version.
  2. Twenty combinatorial examples of asymptotics derived from multivariate generating functions by Robin Pemantle and Mark C. Wilson. arXiv:math/0512548 or SIAM Rev., 50(2), 199–272.
  3. Analytic combinatorics in d variables: an overview by Robin Pemantle.
  4. Multiple Hurwitz Zeta Functions by Ram Murty and Kaneenika Sinha.

Previous seminars

Older seminars on more motivic topics from when I was at Boston University. There are many broken links, but I consider these archived and so they will not be changed.